Use of Media in Peer-Reviewed Publications

One of the primary purposes of MorphoSource is to serve as a repository for 3D, 2D, or AV media that serve as critical data to be referenced in a journal article, scholarly volume, conference presentation, or other peer-reviewed publication. This can include a MorphoSource Contributor User who uploads image data they have created for a research project intended for publication, where the contributor/author seeks to archive the data necessary to understand the replicate the study in an open community repository. This can also include a MorphoSource Standard User who searches the repository for 3D media relevant to their research topic, which they then download and study, and later write and publish a research project based on data already uploaded to MorphoSource by other contributors. This section of the document covers topics relating to both of these use cases, as well as any other use case in which MorphoSource media are to be used in a peer-reviewed publication. The articles here include descriptions of how to cite and reference MorphoSource media (both new and previously uploaded data), how to obtain DOI persistent identifiers for MorphoSource media you have contributed, and the proper procedure for providing journal reviewers with anonymous access to private MorphoSource media for review.