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This step asks whether the object is a Biological Specimen or Cultural Heritage object. After the selection has been made, MorphoSource brings up the object search portal. This portal searches specimen records on MorphoSource and iDigBio. iDigBio records will only show up if the information entered into the fields exactly match the information on the iDigBio record. If the specimen record already exists in MorphoSource, you would select “Use”. If the iDigBio record has not been imported into MorphoSource, you would select “Import”. All the information from the iDigBio record would be used to create the MorphoSource specimen record. Tips on using the search portal can be found here How to Add and Edit SpecimensPhysical Object Records . If you're certain there is no iDigBio record, a new MorphoSource needs to be created. Those instructions can be found here How to Add and Edit SpecimensPhysical Object Records


Once the specimen information is established, the next step is entering information for the facility used to collect the data and/or the facility managing the device used in data collection. The device itself will also be selected in this step. 

The list of institutions with organizations records on MorphoSource can be found here. What if I don’t find my scanning facility or if I own my device? If the institution managing your device is not in our records, we will need to create an organization record. To create an organization record, see the instructions here

Capture (Imaging Event)

This step allows you to fill in the initial parameters used to image these media. The fields vary depending on the imaging modality. It is recommended to fill in as many details as are available. The more details filled in for the specimen records, the more future users will have to work with. For tips on how to fill this out, click here Modality Specific Instructions