How to Add and Edit Physical Object Records

Specimen records on MorphoSource contain information about the specimen itself. The record includes the specimen's home organization, identification information, taxonomy, etc. All of the media created from this specimen will be linked to the specimen record. 

Adding object records:

  1. Specimens from a museum that preserves biodiversity or natural history
    1. You will usually be using a portal and import tool described here when adding such specimens
    2.  When you cannot find such specimens in the portal, you will have to manually create them. Some tips about manual creation of museum specimens are here.
  2. Cultural heritage objects from museums
  3. Specimens or cultural heritage objects in professional/institutional collections
  4. Specimens or cultural heritage objects in private collections

Each specimen should have only ONE specimen record. Once a specimen record is created, there is no need to create it again for subsequent media upload. Simply search for the specimen record and select “Use” once it appears.

We have a video tutorial available:


Editing object records:

Specimen record edits can only be done by administrators, organizational team members, or the record creator. The first step is to make sure the specimen record is pulled up. The URL will have either "/concern/biological_specimens/" or "/concern/cultural_heritage_objects/". Next, press the Edit button on the top right of the page. Navigate to the appropriate tab (Organization, Taxonomy, Object Details). Use the search bars in the tabs to correct any mistakes.