Projects and Teams

Projects and teams have many similarities in their basic functionality. They differ in that they support different use cases, and because of that, teams have additional functionality above and beyond projects. Both projects and teams serve mainly as containers for media. For both projects and teams, multiple members can be added to the project or team with different user roles, such as manager, editor, depositor, etc. Different user roles imply different levels of access to the project or team and to the media in that project or team. Adding media to a project or team can only be done by a MorphoSource user with edit access to that media. Adding media to a project or team allows other manager or editor project or team members to have edit access to that media. So both projects and teams can be used to collect media and to share access to that media with other MorphoSource users. 

Projects are intended to be used for a wide variety of purposes - themed grouping of media, publication data sets, classroom education resources, etc. 

Teams are specifically intended for two use cases which often overlap - either one or more MorphoSource users who officially represent an organization (e.g., a museum or institutional collection, a faculty lab that manages specimens, etc.) and/or a group of users where the same group of users would like to have the same access rights across multiple projects (e.g., a museum collection that might want multiple themed projects that can all be managed by the same individuals, or a faculty member's lab with multiple publication dataset projects authored by the same people). To support this use case, teams have additional powers and abilities beyond those of projects. First, a team can be "linked" to a MorphoSource organization record. Linking the organization to the team unlocks some new abilities for the team. (see What happens when a team is made into an organizational-management team?). Second, a team can nest multiple projects within the team. Multiple projects can be associated with the team. Member roles for projects are inherited from the team in this case - a user who is an editor on the team will also be an editor on the project. Additional users can also be added to projects that are not associated with the overall team. 

If you think a project or team would be useful in your use of MorphoSource, see:

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